Our Main Servers are running BlueOnyx on 4096 MB of RAM, on a 24-core vCPU, with SSD Storage. Our Cloud backup Servers are running a mix of Operating systems listed under server history.

Built for speed. Utilizing industry-leading routing protocols connected to premium carriers such as AboveNet / Zayo, Level3 / tw-telecom, AT&T, Cogent Communications, Time Warner Fiber and FPL Fibernet to ensure your data has the maximum performance available.

100% Cisco-powered Network and cross-connects at the largest peering points & carrier hotels. The core is capable of processing aggregate traffic in excess of 192Gbps. Multiple levels of redundancy and an ample supply of on-site spares help to ensure your data remains online, all the time.

Electricity is supplied via two independent electrical service entrances to allow for true A/B power. In addition, the entire data center is connected to UPS backup with an automatic transfer switch to start and connect a Caterpillar diesel generator. Enough fuel is stored onsite for 24 hours of generator service, and maintain a safety refueling period of 6 hours.

Environmental controls (cooling) are supplied by N+1 glycol-cooled and air-cooled CRAC systems with N+1 CRAC chillers / dry coolers maintaining 40-50% controlled humidity under ASHRAE recommended guidelines.

OldCabin Server History

1994-2003 (DEC ALPHA)
Sun Cobalt RAQ 550
2003-2013 (Sun Cobalt RAQ 550)
DELL 1850
2013-2016 (2 DELL 1850’s)*
DELL 1950
2016-2022 (3 DELL 1950’s)*